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So Long Yahoo Messenger, 1998-2018: Thou Shall Rest in Peace

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Before Google and its various services and apps became big things, it was Yahoo which ruled desktops around the world with its email and messaging/chat services. But that was quite a long time back; we are talking about nearly 2 decades in the past.

In 1998, Yahoo launched Yahoo Pager which was renamed to the ever popular Yahoo Messenger one year later. It was considered the original chat service until Google (and more importantly Facebook) started to spread its legs. Now, the Yahoo Messenger is being killed.

Yahoo Messenger

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Yahoo Messenger is run by Oath, which is owned by Verizon, and the company will finally shut off the messenger completely on July 17. As per the calculations, it will be exactly 20 years, 4 months and 8 days when it will bid goodbye to the tech world. There is no intention by the company to replace it with a new messenger or something.

We would say it is only appropriate for Oath to let go off the Yahoo Messenger. Since the inception of the Facebook Messenger, people have been associating the word “Messenger” with the Facebook Messenger only. This, along with the apps like Whatsapp (owned by Facebook), is virtually dominating the chat services market around the world.

However, Oath has taken this as an opportunity to, sort of, promote its upcoming Yahoo Squirrel messaging app. It is currently in Beta stage and an invite-only as of now. We are skeptical about any kind of possibility of its success though, for obvious reasons.

Keep watching this space for more information.

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