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Reviewing a phone that just costs 6000 rupees seemed a bit too odd for me, only until I started using the Xiaomi Redmi 4A. The Xiaomi Redmi 4A is a decent phone with decent specifications when it comes to the punchline ‘Bang for the Buck’. Let’s begin the in-depth review of the Xiaomi Redmi 4A, keeping in mind that Xiaomi set a new budget mark for an affordable and fairly cheaper android smart phone. Is the Redmi 4A a hit or a miss? Let’s find out!

After using the Redmi 4A for about a week and digging well into the software and the OS, I personally think that the Redmi 4A is actually a decent phone for the price we pay for it.


The Redmi 4A does look premium and the device does not seems to have been built of a low quality material. Although the phone is being encased in a plastic body, it will definitely make you feel proud owning one. The Redmi 4A’s first impression on me was how light the phone feels. I felt like I’m holding nothing in my hand. You get a light phone at a light price! The texture, the matte finish on the back plate will definitely make you wonder as to how such a premium feeling phone be available at such a low price. All in all, the Redmi 4A is a sleek and classy phone like all other Redmi devices except for it is encased in a plastic unibody, which does not steal away its beauty either. The phone sits perfectly in hands, thanks to the chamfered edges. Reaching the navigation keys and the volume rockers on the device is not difficult.


The Redmi 4A comes encased in a high quality plastic unibody design. The plastic is tough but still prone to some scratches and might break if it unfortunately suffers some physical brutality. Looking at the phone, I can pretty much say that the phone is engineered brilliantly and it does resemble its elder Redmi brothers despite lacking a fingerprint sensor and a metallic body.

At the front of the device we have a 5” 720P HD screen comprising of 291 PPI. The screen is really sharp and vibrant. Text and images appear sharp on the HD display even in broad daylight. The Maximum brightness on the screen is pretty good too. The touch screen is very responsive – another reason why this phone is a bang for the buck!

At the top, we do have a 5MP secondary camera and an earpiece speaker. At the bottom of the device we can see the capacitive touch keys and they are not backlit. A great touch to the device is the notification LED, which is placed below the home button and makes this device unique from rest of Redmi devices.

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