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Home / Reviews / Xiaomi Mi A1 vs Lenovo K8 Note Detailed Comparison

Xiaomi Mi A1 vs Lenovo K8 Note Detailed Comparison

These days, smartphone manufacturers spare no efforts in launching powerful handsets that can compete with their rivals’ offerings. As soon as a company launches a new smartphone, another brand comes up with an even more capable device to compete with it. Xiaomi recently launched the Mi A1 (also known as Mi 5X) in India to take on Lenovo’s K8 Note, which launched just a few days before the A1.

Xiaomi Mi A1 vs Lenovo K8 Note

Part of Lenovo’s Note line-up, the K8 Note falls in the same price segment as the Mi A1 (Both smartphones are priced under Rs 15,000). And since they have a similar set of specifications as well, we decided to compare the two.

Physical Appearance

Both smartphones are beautifully crafted and have full metal unibody designs, but the K8 Note is 15g heavier than the Mi A1. That said, we don’t think it’ll matter if one gets used to it. In terms of other dimensions like height and weight, the smartphones are almost identical. Both can be easily handled with one hand and even users with small palms will be able reach every corner of the screen(s) without issues.

Mi A1 vs Lenovo K8 Note

The Mi A1 is sleek and stylish, while the K8 Note’s design is somewhat similar to Lenovo P2. Mi A1 is also thinner as compared to K8 Note.

One thing worth mentioning is that Lenovo K8 Note comes with a dedicated key that can be used to execute various actions, as mentioned below:

Mi A1

  1. Music: Long press to play/pause, double click to jump to next track, triple click to return to previous track
    2. Turn on flashlight
    3. Open camera
    4. Take screenshot
    5. Launch any app (user configurable)

Xiaomi Mi A1 vs Lenovo K8 Note right edge

Summing it up, the Mi A1 definitely has a lead in terms of style and sleekness. On the other hand, the K8 Note has the dedicated key which can come in really handy at times.

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