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Xiaomi Mi 7 appears in live photos with a big notch: See Specs & Features

Another upcoming Android flagship which looks too close to the iPhone X

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Nobody would have guessed, at the time of Apple’s iPhone X launch, that its infamous notch will become such a rage in little over six months down the line. And that too when the notch design is more hated than liked.

On that note, Xiaomi’s next flagship, Xiaomi Mi 7, has been seen in live images and it sports a notch which looks closer to iPhone X’s than it does on some other smartphones. It is nearly as big as the one in Apple’s flagship device making the phone nearly impossible distinguish in the first glance.

Xiaomi Mi 7 image
Especially with the big notch and the iPhone X-like wallpaper, the originality is completely lost.

Other than this, the remaining bezels at the top and at both sides are equally thinned to almost out of existence. There is, however, a chin at the bottom. Now this interesting, very few smartphones (with the notch) seem to have a bezel-less design at the bottom which is unlike iPhone X making their choice to go with the notch rather questionable especially when none of them, so far, have the radical face recognition tech like Apple’s.

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Xiaomi Mi 7 images
Xiaomi Mi 7 in white next to Mi Mix 2S

Regarding the rest of the bodywork, there’s nothing much to report other than there’s a vertically aligned dual camera setup at the back. In fact, even the wallpaper in one of the pictures appear too iPhone X-like.

Xiaomi Mi 7 is expected to be unveiled on May 23 and will be powered by the Snapdragon 845 processor. It will come with 6 GB of RAM as well as 128 GB of storage and the Android Oreo will be topped with MIUI

Keep watching this space for information on this.

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