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Snapdragon 670 Launched, offers better performance and AI in mid-range devices

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Now and then technology advances bringing the great features at very affordable pricing to the users. Keeping up with the pace Qualcomm launched a new processor named Snapdragon 660.

Snapdragon 670 is the new and advanced sequel of Snapdragon 660 which we can see in the devices such as BlackBerry KEY2 and it is way closer to newly-announced Snapdragon 710.

Starting off with its specifications, SD 670 uses Kryo 360 cores which can be seen into flagship SD 845 processor. But its performance cores are limited to two which runs at 2.0Ghz each. It also has six efficient cores, each runs at 1.7Ghz. It is using Qualcomm’s excellent Adreno 600-series GPU so this makes it first in its 600 categories to use this kind of GPU, it uses Adreno 615 GPU to be precise. The chip also comes with the Hexagon 685 DSP so that it can support the latest AI technology from Google and other tech giants. It comes with a Spectra 250 ISP for enhanced dual camera support and an X12 modem support which can bring the speeds up to 600mbps for downloads and 150mbps for uploads.

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This chipset brings you latest gaming, camera and AI features support at half the cost of snapdragon 845. It is almost like SD 710 running at lower clock speed. Snapdragon 670 gives the balance of power and efficiency. Good battery life can be expected from this chip since it’s built on the same 10nm process as the 710 and 845.

The interesting thing would be to see how the manufacturers price their phones coming out with this chipset.

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