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Samsung’s Foldable phone might be called Galaxy X: Launch likely at MWC in 2019

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Samsung’s Foldable phone – We have all been aware of its existence as a prototype, to a final product, in the development phase for quite some time now. The foldable phone is seemingly the South Korean company’s next big innovation which is expected to mark the beginning of new form of smartphones. Or at least, Samsung hopes it does.

While the Galaxy S and the Note lineup will continue, the said foldable phone also seems to be a certainty now and is all set to be unveiled at next year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) to be held in February. It is heavily speculated that in 2019 Samsung will launch its first foldable smartphone as Galaxy X.

Samsung foldable phone
This could be named Galaxy X

While there is no information as such about its specifications regarding the hardware and the software, it can be safely assumed that the foldable phone will be a flagship-level device powered by Qualcomm’s next-gen processor. It would be interesting to see the kind of technology Samsung will incorporate to make the screen bendable enough while maintaining the pixel density and the color accuracy at the point of its flex.

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Secondly, if the display is going to be at the outside of the fold, we can expect some kind of dedicated functionality assigned at the fold itself, like notifications. Also, the whole display could act as two separate screens altogether especially after the fold and thereby being used for running or performing completely different apps or tasks. It will not be too wild to also guess that the phone could double up as a small tablet when it is unfolded. It is all a guess for now, of course.

This supposedly named Galaxy X phone will have to one powerful performer in order to provide a smooth and seamless performance. The optimization between the hardware and the software will have to be at its peak something which is usually tricky to achieve with Android.

Nevertheless, just like the all-touch phones spawned an entirely new era of mobile phones around 10 years back, the foldable phone could be a whole new trendsetter as well come 2019. Besides, we can also very well expect to see the next Galaxy S phone, Galaxy S10, but it could come out a month earlier in January 2019 so that neither phone would steal the limelight from the other.

Keep watching this space for more information on this.

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