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Qualcomm To Introduce Adreno Turbo Tech: To Counter Huawei’s GPU Turbo

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In the recent past, Huawei made an interesting reveal related to its GPU performance in smartphones. The company announced that it will introduce a GPU Turbo feature in a number of its smartphones which would, in real-time, improvise the GPU (and the processor’s) performance while gaming. Clearly, it has garnered great attention since.

Now, it seems Qualcomm doesn’t want Huawei keeping all the limelight in this regard, and so, it is seemingly coming with its own Adreno Turbo technology. In fact, as per the teaser from Qualcomm itself, the unveil of this tech is today, July 25. So we will find out soon enough what exactly is this all about.

Qualcomm Adreno Turbo

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But why do believe it’s about the Adreno? Because of what’s shown in the teaser. Like a puzzle, one can find following words spread across the poster – Faster, Smoother, Cooler, Smarter, Longer. Make of that what you will.

But the bigger indications are all the graphics surrounding the above-mentioned words. There’s a small plane near the top left corner, a winged boot, what looks like a bunch of arrows near the bottom left corner and a book with a glowing ball at the middle. All these objects are largely related to games. So, it has to be related to Adreno – Qualcomm’s GPU.

On a side note, Huawei claims that its GPU Turbo improves graphics processing by 60% while reducing power usage by 30%. Bold claims that are yet to be proven. We believe that Qualcomm will come out with similar or likely better claims, but one thing is for sure, it will be good for us.

Keep watching this space as we bring more updates on this.

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