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Nokia to Bring Back Carl Zeiss Lenses in its Future Phones

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Nokia and Carl Zeiss have a longstanding association in mobile phone photography. The Finnish company, in its heyday, was regarded as the best by many smartphone users when it came to the camera performance.

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Remember the likes of the Nokia 1020, N95 and other PureView camera phones that mostly blew the competition away. The level of manual control and post processing delivered some of the best pictures by a camera in a handheld device. That time is long gone though. Many of the original Nokia employees associated with the Carl Zeiss camera team left the company when it was acquired by Microsoft back in 2011. We all know how that story ended!

Carl Zeiss
Carl Zeiss lenses will be again seen on future Nokia smartphones

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However, Nokia’s brand rights holder, HMD Global, is looking to once again establish the company as a serious contender in smartphone camera performance. HMD and Carl Zeiss have join hands and will work on bringing Carl Zeiss optics back into the Nokia phones. The announcement does not yet reveal when we will see it being implemented but we believe that it shall be 2018 when this will come into fruition.

But the challenge won’t end there. Nokia did not build its reputation as a great camera phone maker only on the merits of Carl Zeiss, the company tuned its software processing good enough to produce stunning images. So, we shall see if the two companies can recreate the same magic. One thing is clear though, HMD Global is intent on turning Nokia into a formidable player in the mobile phone industry.

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News source: The Verge

Image source: Internet

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