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The Legendary Road Rash is Back as Road Redemption with Full of Surprises

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Remember the Road Rash? The legendary bike racing game is something that most of us have played. I remember I spent hours playing this game and then ended up being scolded by my dad. After more than a decade, a successor to this game – Road Redemption is going to be launched October 4. The game is funded via Kickstarter and is already a blast on the internet.

The game is coming with a lot of surprises. For example, gone are the days when only you had the weapons. In the Road Redemption, all of the racers will have weapons and will attack you even though you don’t. There is a variation in weapons, now you can use pipes, wrenches, bomb, gun, etc.

In the Road Rash I loved kicking other riders, though they still stay on the track. But now you can kick any rider right into the traffic, another lane or of the bridge. I think this time the riders are little bit overpowered.

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Another interesting thing is you get upgradation system. You earn experience points for racing and then you can use those points to buy new bike or upgrade them. Slight boost or nitro are also added to the game.

Unlike the Road Rash, the Road Redemption comes with randomized tracks. Earlier I used to remember the roads but this time it isn’t that simple. You can also encounter with some weird tracks where cars start falling from the sky.

I am very excited to play this game, are you?? Watch the trailer of this game below.

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