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Home / News / HTC U11 Cancels Out 3.5 MM Audio Jack

HTC U11 Cancels Out 3.5 MM Audio Jack

The name HTC U11 is currently hot in tech side of the internet right now. There have been a number of posts and article revealing the possible specifications for the device. Amongst all of those news, here is something strange that HTC did with their U11.

HTC canceled out the 3.5 MM audio jack from their upcoming flagship model and used a super LCD display. HTC also claims that user will be provided with a USB type – C to 3.5 MM adapter. Talking about the device, the HTC U11 will come with a 5.5” screen outputting 2K resolution, Snapdragon 835 CPU, 6 GB of RAM, 128 GB of ROM, and the device is said to be waterproof and will support edge squeeze function.

The cancelation of 3.5 MM audio jack indicates that HTC might not be introducing them anymore in their other flagship devices and users will have to depend on the supplied USB Type – C to 3.5 MM adapter.

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