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One of the Google Pixel 3 smartphones could come with the Notch

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Hola, my dear brethren! We at Gadget2Buy, in our constant effort to find interesting news stories from the mobile world, bring you another mesmerizing piece of information which might as well be totally true.

We know that Google is working on their next Pixel devices, namely Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. The latest development is that the alleged design of their screen protectors (and the screen protectors themselves) has been leaked which seemingly reveal a lot about the front of both the upcoming flagships.

Starting from the Pixel 3, the design will finally move on to the more contemporary language with almost non-existent bezels while the bodywork at the top and bottom will be drastically reduced as well. There are three holes at the top indicating that one of those could be an infrared sensor which might be a part of the iPhone X-like Face ID tech. Another wild speculation is that there could be a dual front camera but we really do not think this will be the case.

Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL screen protectors

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But the best part of this news is yet to come, and that’s about the Pixel 3 XL. Its supposed screen protector reveals that the phone will sport the familiar notch which everyone made fun of earlier but now want it. In fact, if you paid attention of the Android P presentation, Google revealed that the next installment of the Android OS will have the native support for the infamous notch. High five to that!

Anyways, as always, we are not sure if this is legit news or just some wild speculation. One thing is sure though, these leaks are believable and we may see some development on this front in the near future.

Google Pixel 3 smartphones will come with Snapdragon 845 chipset and will run Android P out of the box. keep watching this space for more information.

Image credits: Slashleaks

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