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Home / News / What to expect from 2018 iPad: Face ID might come in, will the Touch ID go?

What to expect from 2018 iPad: Face ID might come in, will the Touch ID go?

For the next year’s iPad, Apple is reportedly working to incorporate the much talked about Face ID which the company debuted in its latest flagship, the iPhone X. This is mostly still a rumor because Apple hasn’t said anything yet in this regard.

However, this piece of news is inevitably leading people to speculate even further. If the Face ID becomes a reality in the 2018 iPad, are there going to be more similarities between the tablet and the iPhone X? It would be interesting to see if the Touch ID will be removed in the favor of the face recognition system even when both authentication technologies can co-exist. Apple has been breathlessly promoting the Face ID and that how much more secure it is than the fingerprint sensor. The Cupertino giant is clearly backing it with all their might.

Apple iPad gadget2buy
Face ID might makes its way to the iPad in 2018


Another step of evolution for the next iPad could likely be reducing the bezels from all four sides. While the latest iPad Pro reduced the left-right bezels to a good effect, but making them thinner seems like the natural path of progression in order to achieve a radical design change.

Coming back to the Face ID, if Apple does go the iPhone X route, it would mean removing the Home button as well as the Touch ID unless Apple readies the screen integrated fingerprint sensor in the next few months.

Apple iPad pair - gadget2buy


And while we are speculating, it wouldn’t be too ambitious to expect a design similar to that of the iPhone X with the screen following the curves of the body at all four corners. Does this also mean that there will be a cut-out at the top on the next iPad as well? We can only guess at this point of time.

However, one thing is for sure, we might see the most significant design change in the next flagship iPad since its inception.

Keep watching this space for more info.

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