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Blackberry Key2 teaser shows dual camera and a new key, ahead of its June 7 launch!

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Blackberry has released a teaser for its upcoming Key2 smartphone (which will be an upgrade over the KeyOne). The Blackberry Key2 is scheduled to be unveiled on June 7 and the company has seemingly initiated its official promotion.

As is the nature of a teaser video, it is a small with only a 25-second runtime highlighting just a couple of “new” features that were seemingly not there in the KeyONE.

Blackberry Key2

The video starts with the Blackberry logo surrounded by a new pattern. We are assuming that it could provide better and a slightly more premium look to the phone as well as better grip. Also, this new pattern seems to extend throughout the backside as it also surrounds the new dual camera setup.

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Which brings us to the camera itself, even though there’s no information at all about the specifications of the camera, it could be expected that the new dual camera in the Key2 will likely support Portrait or Bokeh mode. However, we cannot dismiss the possibility of a monochrome (black/white) secondary lens.

Following shot puts some light on the hardware buttons on the right side of the screen. However, as the shot is coming to its end, there is a supposedly new button shown somewhere at the bottom of the keyboard. We are unsure of its functionality but it could bring up all the opened apps at once, like the App Switcher. Or, it could entirely be programmed to do something else.

The Blackberry Key2 will be unveiled on June 7 along with its price. Keep watching this space for more information.

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