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Home / News / Apple’s New Patent Suggest That Phones Can Charge Via WIFI

Apple’s New Patent Suggest That Phones Can Charge Via WIFI

Tough Apple has not added any wireless charging to iPhone but that does not mean that the company is keeping silent and not working on it. According to the patent released by US Patent and Trademark Office, Apple seems to be using WiFi routers to charge mobile devices like the the iPhone and the iPad. Wireless charging works similar to induction charging seen in Apple Watch. 

It is reported that this technology is called “Wireless Charging and Dual Band Antenna with Communication System.” This describes several possible ways as to how the wireless charging will work. The wireless power transmission can be 700MHz-2700MHz.

The device that provides charging will be using beam control technology but will also load power to charge the device wirelessly. In addition, Apple’s patent also involves extending the induction distance. Not much is said about this technology but refers to technical aspects like dual-mode circuits, dual-polarized, dual-band patch antennas, alternative antenna arrays, and wireless circuit configurations.

In the recent iPhone8 leaks we were able to see the a wireless charging plate at the back of the device. Interestingly, the area and the patent described in the patch antenna is somewhat similar.

Do you think we might be seeing wifi charging in apple devices soon? 

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