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Apple Patents a Technology To Wirelessly Transfer Battery Charge From One Gadget To Another

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Apple has seemingly acquired a patent for a technology which is designed to wirelessly transfer charge (or battery power) from one device to another. Of course, since Apple has patented it, the technology is said to have been designed to work with Apple products.

However, whatever practical application is being through this tech is done behind the closed doors of Apple. There is no proper information yet on how exactly this works.

Apple Wireless charging
Patent drawings

Apparently, Apple has developed a way through which, for example, it can wirelessly transfer the power from its laptop (MacBook) to an iPhone. Basic way to do this appears to be the same as charging a phone through a wireless charger – keep the iPhone over the laptop and the charge will wirelessly get transferred from the laptop to the phone. Similarly, this can be done between an iPhone and an iWatch as well. Basically, any two Apple devices should be able to wirelessly exchange the charge.

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Clearly, the technology is meant to make it radically convenient for people to charge a gadget without specifically needing a charger for a particular device.

Apple new wireless charging
Patent drawings

Furthermore, it would be interesting to understand how a device would realize that it has to transfer a charge and not receive it. It might require complete change of the circuitry of a battery, or could this be incorporated as a feature which would be enabled only after downloading some kind of an App (designed by Apple)?

So far, everything is up for speculation and guess work, but nevertheless, the idea is very interesting and definitely has a lot of scope across a wide range of gadgets. Are you excited for this technology and how do you think it will function?

Keep watching this space for more information on this.

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