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Things to know before Rooting your Android Device

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Rooting your Android devices comes with a number of perks and cons. Mostly, the perks are higher than that of the cons. In this article, I will sharing with you the pros and cons of rooting an Android device. The word ‘Root’ strikes a little bit of fear in a user’s mind when he/she decides to take this amazing step in unlocking the potential of their Android device. The first phone that I rooted was the Lenovo A7000. With a number of trial and errors, I was able to root it and then came a series of useful things that I loved doing on my Android device. Okay, let us now jump right into the pros and cons and give you a brief idea about the things that you would love knowing about rooting your amazing Android device.

Pros :-

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  • Rooting your Android device gives you full control over the device and frees the device from the restrictions that the phone carrier and manufacturer has imposed on it. 
  • Rooting allows you to install custom ROMs on your Android device, which drastically change how your phone feels and performs. 
  • System apps that came on your stock phone cannot be uninstalled but a rooted Android device can perform this action with ease.
  • Block advertisements completely from your Android device. Which means no apps will display adds and you definitely want it, don’t you?
  • Install special root apps that are unavailable on the Google Playstore. Some of those apps are Lucky Patcher, Freedom, Xposed Framework.

Cons :-

  • Rooting may void your warranty if the manufacturers learns that the defective phone was rooted.
  • Rooting will block your phone from receiving any OTA updates, in case your manufacturer sends software updates for your device.
  • While installing custom ROMs can drastically increase your phone’s performance speed but there can be some downsides too like overheating and faster battery drain.
  • You will spending a lot of time with your phones as you are introduced to a new arena where your phone is set to cross boundaries by installation of new custom ROMs and root apps. 

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