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One of the Upcoming 2018 iPhones Gets 4 GB RAM: Confirmed by Geekbench

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Traditionally, iPhones have never relied on higher RAM when it comes to delivering some of the best performances in the smartphone industry. This is why, you’ll always find an iPhone with possibly the least amount of RAM compared to its direct competitors. Such is the level of optimization between the hardware and the software, usually.

This year, Apple is on its way to launch three iPhones one of which is said to be the improvised version of the current iPhone X, another one is supposed to be the larger version of the same while the third one shall be the ‘budget’ iPhone (this one will sport an LCD display).

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iPhone 2018

The latest update regarding the upcoming iPhones is that one of the models has made an appearance on Geekbench and is running on iOS 12 as well as 4 GB of RAM. This implies that it could be one of the two improvised 2018 iPhones.

Another piece of information given in the Geekbench report which suggests the same is the name of the device, which is iPhone 11.2. Additionally, the 4 GB of RAM will be the highest that any iPhone has got so far. For comparison, the iPhone X has 3 GB of RAM.

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